The Elections are over. What’s next?

The Elections are over. What’s next?

The Elections are over. What’s next? 150 150 Mia Haug

So, here we are, the start of a brand new chapter. Just a couple of months ago we at 020 couldn’t have imagined that we would be standing where we are now; from being the new kid on the block to becoming the second biggest party in the FSR-FMG Student Council. And all of that thanks to your amazing support.

So right from the start, we would like to thank you for the trust you placed in our party.

For the newcomers, who exactly are we? 020 is a student political party with an emphasis on the word student. Our identity isn’t formed by ideologies or ties to existing political parties, 020 is a party by and for students. It is our aim to help you not only in educational matters, but also to aid you with issues beyond the University, which, nonetheless, have a great impact on your daily life as a student in Amsterdam.

Before we elaborate on the topics that we deem important and will fight for in the Faculty Council, here’s a glimpse of the other projects 020 is working on:

First of all, we have dedicated an entire team to writing different booklets––one every month––on topics that are of great (practical) impact on the day-to-day lives of all of our fellow students in Amsterdam. You can go and check our first two booklets out on our booklet page.

Second, 020 is organising all sorts of academic and career-related events. Already in August, we will have our first professor-researcher giving a two-hour lecture on European-African relations. Additionally, 020 is determined to organise both symposia and career days for which we will invite both public and corporate organisations. In this manner, we will establish a direct link between the students and their future employers!

Finally, being part of 020 will come with certain benefits––both for you and Amsterdam wholly––as we are currently working on establishing deals with local companies that would be willing to give our general members discounts on their products and services. In addition, we plan to organise monthly borrels (currently held through Zoom) with all of our members and even host proper parties! 

More information will soon be disclosed on how to become a general member of 020. Interested in becoming an active member and joining one of our multiple committees? Reach out to our HR team!

But enough about our ‘extracurricular’ plans. Next up are some of the core issues we will be fighting for in the Student Council the coming year.


Finding appropriate housing is one the most pressing issues for students in Amsterdam. Besides that, we believe that the University could do more to guide students through the maze that is the Amsterdam housing market. In an attempt to ameliorate this widespread problem, we have created a unique housing booklet that can be found on our website. In this booklet, we aim to give you the necessary preparation for searching for accommodation, as well as explaining the different districts of Amsterdam and advising you on how to avoid fraudulent landlords.


Work is essential for many students. It provides you with an income and enables you to gain experience. At 020, we aim to give a helping hand to students who are searching for part-time jobs or internships. We believe that the best way to go about it is by creating an association which could serve as the bridge between students and various organisations that are looking for employees and/or interns. We are also currently working on a booklet which will guide you through all the employment opportunities you have as a student, as well as a space on our website where students can keep in contact with potential employers and internship opportunities.


At 020, we honour Amsterdam’s reputation as one of the most inclusive and tolerant places in the world. We are a party for all students, local and international. It is therefore one of our main aims to ensure that international students feel like they belong to the University and the wider student community, as well as making sure that their needs and requests are taken wholly into account. We also aim to increase a sense of belonging by organising a wide range of events, such as parties, sports game days, concerts, and so forth, which will enable students of all backgrounds to come together.


The University is without a doubt an excellent university with a high degree of professionalism. However, this does not mean that there is no room for improvement. Areas in which positive change could take place is the amount of grammar mistakes in tests and assignments, which can sometimes completely change the context of a crucial question, as well as the low enthusiasm among students to partake in course evaluations. Regarding the latter issue, 020 strives to establish a more direct link between the students and the administration. This would enable the students to discuss the current shortcomings of their courses and propose suitable solutions. We believe that when students come together, change occurs. 

All in all, we at 020 pride ourselves for being a student party tackling a broad range of issues, without compromising our creativity and surely not our principles. For us as a party, what it all boils down to is staying true to ameliorating the actual issues we and our peers face on a daily basis, nonetheless how ambitious they might seem right now. To learn more about us, look around our website and social media. For any specific questions, don’t hesitate reach out to us via our online form or our Instagram!


Max Berendsen


Dédé Kruisman, Mia Haug