A Conversation about the Future of Work.

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A Conversation about the Future of Work.

A Conversation about the Future of Work. 1275 1275 kruisman.dd@gmail.com

A Conversation about the Future of Work.

At 020, we don’t conceal our purpose of being the one student party that really cares about the future prospects of our fellow students at the UvA. For this reason, the (future) employment opportunities of students are of the utmost importance to us. It is at the core of our programme that we help students find internships and help to broaden their horizons in the field of employment opportunities. Preparing students for the future of work.

Our Conversation with Nick from De Buitenboordmotor

Recently, 020 sat down with Nick Hoogedoorn from ‘De Buitenboordmotor‘, a non-profit organisation aimed creating a job-to-job infrastructure for redundant and future redundant workers. Nick provided us with some very fascinating insights on how students can get themselves ready for new job opportunities, as well as how the educational system can help them in doing so.

In Nick’s own words, Buitenboordmotor focuses on “helping people to re-skill themselves for the job market but is also involved in more abstract ways of working, such as being involved in policy-making.” The main focus, though, are people and their needs within today’s job market. In short, Buitenboordmotor works as redesigning the system of intersectoral job switches. This calls for a new focus on the talents of people, financial (private and public) arrangements to make it possible, and a shift in the educational system. Buitenboordmotor works as a social scale-up. It redesigns the system by doing it: bringing companies and people together.  

Especially in the current economy, this has proven to be a successful method. Different economic sectors are going through different kinds of economic transitions. This, in turn, may lead to situations in which some sectors need more employees, whereas others need less. Buitenboordmotor provides the necessary contacts and access to resources to ensure that these two opposing needs can reach a mutual goal together. For example, this can be done by making sure that different sectors have coordinating dialogues or by providing access to perhaps necessary (re-)education of employees.

About Students

It is here where Buitendoordmotor’s method of working gets more relevant to students. The economy of today is inherently different from the economy in which our parents and grandparents built their careers. The majority of us will, or already are, competing for jobs in an economy which is more fluid and flexible then it has ever been before. As Nick pointed out to us in our interview, there is a high probability that a large part of us won’t hold the same job for a period of many years. Educating and re-educating yourself has never been as important for your position in the job market as it has been today.

This is why at 020 we pledge to you that we will do everything we can to accommodate your current, as well your future employment needs. Not only by helping you gain access to internships but also by providing knowledge on how the future of work will look and how economy of tomorrow will work. Of course, we fully understand that this process can’t only be formed by students themselves. We agree with Nick Hoogedoorn that universities themselves need to reinvent their methods of educating students and preparing them for the job market. As a student political party, we fully commit to nudge the University of Amsterdam in this direction, which is in the best interest of students and the university alike.

A final, very relevant aspect which was pointed out by Nick during the interview is that a growing number of tomorrow’s employers don’t just look at your CV, but mainly to your skillset and competences. So, don’t sacrifice your extracurricular activities. You’re a coach for your little sister’s hockey team? Good! You like to design clothing or make podcasts in your free time? Good! Never stop exploring and expanding your personal skillset, it may prove to be the most valuable thing on the job market.


At 020, we want you to know that we will keep fighting for your interests and that you can expect to see more coming from us connecting to the subject of (future) employment and internships. Make sure to follow us to stay up to date and, furthermore, don’t forget that you can always reach out to us if you have any questions or if want to join our movement. Thank you for your support, we couldn’t do this without you!

Interviewee: Nick Hoogedoorn (De Buitenboordmotor)

Interviewers: Constansa Jardim & Dédé Kruisman

Author: Max Berendsen

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