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Meet the Advisory Team

The Advisory Team is an auxiliary body to the Board and consists of members who work directly with the Board. 020’s Advisors utilise their insight to be of aid in specific fields, such as legal matters or even supplying 020 members with our merchandise.
Thomas Leeson - supply chain advisor on the Advisory Board of 020
Supply Chain

Thomas Leeson

Naomi di Mao - social media advisor on the Advisory Board of 020
Social Media

Naomi di Meo

Who is the Advisory Team?

  • I joined the Advisory Team of 020 because I wanted to play a bigger part in our “uni-life” and to improve our collective experiences at the UvA as much as I can. Furthermore, as an international student myself, I hope to make the University even more inclusive, so that everyone can feel at home in this space.
  • I am Thomas Leeson, a second-year Political Science student. I was born in Argentina but I grew up in Southeast Asia, thus I value the diverse environment 020 offers. In 020, I am the Head of Sourcing which means that my current role is the sourcing of our merchandise from various environmentally conscious suppliers around Europe.
  • I always loved finding new ways to combine my various interests to make something great, as well as pushing myself to learn new things. As a Media student and an aspiring political journalist, I find 020 to be the right place where I can build my character. If you ever need someone to chat about music or politics, you know where to find me.
  • Hey, I’m Matteo! I am the photographer of 020 which means that I create eye-catching content 020 can use for various purposes. Additionally, I help edit all of our recordings, ensuring that our audiovisual output looks professional.