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Being an 020 candidate means becoming part of a driven, energetic and inclusive team of over 50 active members. Are you looking to make a real impact at the University of Amsterdam and boost your professional career at the same time? Reach out to our recruiters and let’s make it happen!

Slide Become an 020 candidate! Send us a quick email explaining who you are and what study at the UvA you are currently enrolled in.

Our recruitment team will reach back to you to schedule an introductory call!
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020 candidate meter 23 of our 30 candidates target has been achieved! 020 is the only party at the UvA supporting its candidates all year round with researching, inventing and formulating new policies.

Being an 020 candidate means you are never alone. Together with over 50 active members we will fight to bring real and positive change to the University of Amsterdam.
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Slide The steps 020 is not just a political party, but a student organisation and movement. We are looking for driven, inclusive and innovative candidates to join our move to change the UvA for good. Sign me up! 1 Send us both your CV and a killer motivation letter of around 250 words. Show us your character and goals! 2 All good? Now its time to shine in your two interviews with both our lovely recruiters and the policy leader. 3 You are now a candidate for 020! Now it's time to figure out your position on the 020 candidate list and win the elections!

Want to ask our current candidates more about their work in the UvA Councils?

Slide pablo - 020 Pablo Vice-chair of the FSR-FMG His email johanna - 020 Johanna Member of the FSR-FMG Her email alessandro - 020 Alessandro Member of the FSR-FMG His email

Oh, and don’t forget to take a look at 020’s policies!