A Different Kind of Candidate.

In brief, the Candidates of 020 represent us in the Student Councils of the University. Therefore, they ferociously stand for our ideals and work daily to achieve the ideal environment for our development. Furthermore, the entirety of 020 is here to aid them in reaching our goals.
Pablo - Candidate Chair on the Board of 020
Candidates Chair

Pablo Mustienes

Johanna Lehr - candidate of 020 for the FSR-FMG - candidate committee
Council Assistant in the FMG-FSR

Johanna Lehr

alessandro - candidate for 020
Council Assistant in the FMG-FSR

Alessandro Ractliffe

Meet the Candidates of 020

  • Who is Pablo?

    Living in different cities throughout my life has made me appreciate the value of a diverse environment. Hence, one of the reasons I co-founded 020 was to offer international students a louder voice in the University issues. Subsequently, As a candidate, I will represent all students equally to ensure that necessary widespread developments are carried out in the Faculty.

    Pablo as the Vice-Chair of the FSR-FMG Council.

    First, In the FMG council, I have the position of Vice-Chair for the 2020/21 year. The 020 pillars that I stand for are quality of education and diversity. My diverse background and understanding of students’ problems make me the perfect candidate to ensure the representation of all.

    Help Pablo become a better representative!

    So, if you have any feedback or questions for Pablo, reach out to him via pablo@020together.nl or find him walking around Roeterseiland!

  • Who is Johanna?

    My name is Johanna, I am 23 years old and a Political Science student at UvA. I’m always up for new challenges and creating meaningful change, which can only happen if we as a party figure out what students are really concerned about. Hence, to find the best solutions, it is crucial to start substantial discourse involving all affected parties. As a result, I have decided to join 020 since it combines innovative and progressive ideas with pragmatism. Subsequently, for me, 020 means creating an exchange and tackling many relevant issues at the same time.

    Johanna in the FSR-FMG Council.

    Above all, inclusion is the most important topic in my eyes since it affects students in all aspects of their student life. 020 can hereby serve as a platform that increases the community spirit among all students of various backgrounds. I want to acknowledge and address the negative experiences of all students. I am thus working on files dealing with sexual misconduct and mental health. Taking care of mental health is a relevant task all students have to deal with. For instance, the University should promote “mindfulness”, especially during our stressful exam periods. Another crucial part of my work is, and has always been, the focus on women. Considering myself a feminist, I strive for equal rights and opportunities for women in all aspects of life, including their time at the University.

    Help Johanna become a better representative!

    So, if you have any feedback or questions for Johanna, reach out to her via johanna@020together.nl or find her walking around Roeterseiland.

  • Who is Alessandro?

    I am a 20-year-old Anglo-Italian looking to grasp the opportunity I had to move to Amsterdam. Being part of the student representative body is something I have always done. Thus, I hope my previous experience contributes to 020’s goal of improving the UvA. The main reason behind my decision to join 020 is my determination to close the gap between what is being done and what could be done. For me, 020 is the embodiment of this pragmatic attitude and as a candidate, I’m looking forward to pushing forward our policy proposals to enact real change.

    Alessandro in the FSR-FMG Council.

    Specifically, in the Council, I promote 020’s goal of fostering an inclusive community spirit within the University. Consequently, we can create a long-lasting memory of a vivid common spirit and assuring a thick web of networking to help us prosper in our future careers. By being part of the FSR-FMG council, I hope to raise awareness that altogether the student body can yield real positive impact.

    Help Alessandro become a better representative!

    So, you have any feedback or questions for Alessandro, reach out to him via alessandro@020together.nl or find him walking around Roeterseiland.