Meet the Financial Team

The Financial Team consists of members who focus on anything from donations, to expenditures and merchandise. In general, 020’s finance lovers utilise their specific skillsets to be of aid in those fields that have a financial twist.
andreea - financial director of 020
Chief Financial Officer

Andreea Apopei-Alecsiu

Thomas Leeson - supply chain advisor on the Advisory Board of 020
Supply Chain Leader

Thomas Leeson


Clara Nunez

Team member

Aida Ramula

Who is the Financial Team?

  • My name is Andreea and I’m an ex-professional debater passionate about elocution, negotiating, and strategy. My vision embodies life as a system of forces to be altered, mastered and harnessed in the name of learning. Therefore, I am investing time and effort in developing and fortifying a proactive work ethic designed to typify excellence. Because innovation is a limited resource, I and the Board strive to bring change and meaning, and I believe that is worth a thousand conversations!
    My role as the Chief Financial Officer consists of managing all the financial actions of 020, tracking cash flow and financial planning. Additionally, I create financial strategies to ensure the proper distribution of funds within 020’s Committees. A major task of mine analysing our financial strengths and weaknesses and propose corrective actions accordingly. Last but not least, I oversee and maintain a good operation between the association and our (potential) partners.
  • I am Thomas Leeson, a second-year Political Science student. I was born in Argentina but I grew up in Southeast Asia, thus I value the diverse environment 020 offers. In 020, I am the Head of Sourcing which means that my current role is the sourcing of our merchandise from various environmentally conscious suppliers around Europe.
  • My name is Clara and I’m a student at the UvA in Economics and Business Economics. I decided to join 020 because it’s an active student party that holds the interest of the students at the UvA at heart and strives to improve student life in Amsterdam on many fronts (housing, mental health, …). On top of that, 020 is a very diverse organization and is a great place to develop skills and meet new people from all around the world. I enjoy meeting new people but mostly putting in work that will help the people around me whilst learning new skills along the way.
    As a bookkeeper in 020 I keep track of the financial activities of the organization and make sure everything is up to date.
  • My name is Aida and I am a first-year student of Economics and Business Economics at the UvA. I joined 020 because I truly stand by 020’s principles, including improving housing, inclusivity, and mental health support. I believe this is a great opportunity for me to improve the lives of students at UvA while gaining more practical experience in Finance. My role in the Finance team includes aiding in the process of budgeting and analyzing cash and processing payments.