020 - The UvA Political Party 

A New Way of Doing (Student) Politics.

Pragmatic Approach. Great change.

Right now we need  transparencyprogressive ideals  that aren't afraid to look at  history , and  pragmatic policies  rooted in  science  that get the job done, while  leaving no one behind .

Council Work

020 currently has candidates in the Central Student Council and is in the faculty councils of the Social and Behavioral Sciences, Economics and Business, Humanities and Law at the UvA. Our candidates are carefully chosen among the most driven and brightest students. In their work, they are responsible for representing and implementing 020's policy plans in the Councils at the University of Amsterdam.

Extracurriculars - A Pragmatic Approach 

What truly sets 020 apart from any other political party at the University of Amsterdam is our conviction that our work does not stop where the Council ends. 020 prides itself on organizing both academic events such as guest lectures and symposia, as well as events concerning job opportunities and chances to develop for students at the UvA. Furthermore, we make booklets 


We were the first ones to implement our innovative structure at the UvA, which enables us to have a fully dedicated research team, consisting of students, experts and third-party stakeholders. All policies that 020 fights for in the Amsterdam University's Council are extensively researched, open for review, and heavily discussed with all parties involved.


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