The Human Development Department of 020

Our people at the Human Development Department make sure that everyone involved with 020 grows. Not only does HD focus on improving our members’ experience at 020 and their personal skillset, but they are also constantly on the look for new additions to our ever-growing team.

bianca - member of the human development committee
People Relations Team Leader

Bianca Boschiero

eirini - member of the human development committee
People Relations

Eirini Symeonidou

People Relations

Maggie Aldinger

lorainne - member of the human development committee
Personal Growth Team Leader

Lorraine Simbungova

emma - member of the human development committee
Recruitment Team Leader

Emma Bruns

julius - recruitment

Julius Zunker


Thomas Riedlsperger


Constanze Berka


Yassine Tarka


Lorenzo Maria Contini

  • I’m Bianca and I’m an Italian first-year Cultural Anthropology and Development Sociology student at the UvA. I decided to join 020’s Human Development Department because of the Party’s inclusivity and because I would like to contribute to making student’s life here in Amsterdam safe and enjoyable.
  • Hey, I’m Eirini! I enjoy working in teams, taking initiative, liaising between groups, and ensuring that the work environment is harmonious and coordinated. Besides enhancing those skills, I joined 020 for its well-rounded programme which aims to ameliorate the University experience in every aspect.
  • I decided to join 020 as I saw that it would, not only, bring positive opportunities for myself but more, importantly for others. I wanted to contribute my help and ideas to brighten up the day.
  • My name is Lorainne and I am a Slovak-Angolan Political Science student. I am very passionate about issues such as mental health and inclusivity, which I look forward to addressing as part of 020. I really enjoy working in teams, and I am happy that I get to do that in 020, whilst striving for meaningful change in all students’ lives.
  • My name is Emma and I am a Swiss-German second-year Political Science student. I joined 020 because the Party’s core values of unification, integration, transparency, and inclusivity align with what I wish for in a student community. I believe that especially as an international student, parties such as 020 are integral for students struggling to find their place in a new environment.
  • 020 reinvented the way of representing students at the UvA with progressive ideals implemented through pragmatic policies. As I vigorously identify with these fundamental convictions, I joined 020’s recruitment team to ensure that many others get the chance to contribute towards the goal of a better academic experience for all students of the UvA.
  • I’m a second-year PPLE student, originally from Austria, majoring in politics. I joined 020 because I believe that it offers us students a great platform to engage in shaping our University environment and to contribute to a continuous improvement of our student life. Given its hybrid function of being both a student party as well as a student organization 020 has the potential to impact the UvA and its students on every level. It is an inspiring and open environment that I wanted to be part of to help spread 020’s key values and make real change happen!
  • My name is Constanze Berka, and I decided to join 020 because I believe that we should contribute to the change that we wish for. 020 is the right spot to do so for university issues. I also love being part of a community that works around shared values.
  • I’m Yassine Tarka and I decided to join 020 because I feel like the policies of the party resemble my political stance. I further believe that 020 will grow a lot and I would love this experience this growth and be part of it.
  • I decided to join 020 to give a chance to the students of our institution to be part of this organization. My ultimate goal is to make sure that those within 020 are representative of the population of students so that everyone’s interests can be best represented.