The Internal Department of 020

Put simply, the Internal Department is in charge of maintaining the machinery that is 020 and ensuring cohesion between its various teams. This means that they undertake a number of tasks, some directly related to administration, others focusing on internal cohesion.

Internal is also in charge of hosting all our events and overseeing our team of wonderful policy writers and researchers.

antonio - member of internal organisation
Internal Management - Team Leader

Antonio De Carluccio

khalid - member of the internal team
Internal Management

Khalid Ghazi

daemon - 020
Internal Management

Daemon Ortega

dana - member of the internal committee
Events - Team Leader

Dana Adawi

Events - Academic Events Organizer

Sophia Yaziji

Fedya - member of the event team
Events - Social Events Organizer

Fedor Pisarenko

Maksym - 020
Events - Social Events Organizer

Maksym Igelnyk

elizabeth - 020
Events - Social Events Organizer

Elizabeth Jones

ties - member of the policy team
Policy Writing - Team Leader

Ties van Ierschot

abbey - member of the policy team
Policy Writing

Abbey Gilchrist

richard- member of the policy team
Policy Writing

Richard Weber

luca - 020
Policy Writing

Luca Sottemano

Dummy Image
Policy Writing - Outreach

Constança Jardim

  • As a very outgoing and hard-working second-year Political Science student here at the UvA, I enjoy Amsterdam’s challenging and stimulating international environment. I joined 020 to help new students coming to Amsterdam and to be part of a greater community of students that welcomes everybody. Within 020, I use my organizational and communicational skills to perform different tasks within the Internal Organisation Team.
  • I am a second-year Political Science student, born and raised in the beautiful city of Amsterdam. During my free time, I like to read and talk about politics. I joined 020 because I think that the needs of UvA students aren’t always turned into action and there is always something to improve students’ experience in Amsterdam.
  • Currently studying Political Science at the University of Amsterdam, I joined the 020 Internal Department to bring my skills to a party that understood the practical difficulties of student life and was working to improve those circumstances for everyone. As such, I strive to work together with the Party in helping students—both old and new—in realising their full potential. It is my belief that stress should come from one’s academic work, not from university bureaucracy or simply living in Amsterdam.
    Here at 020, I work as a general writer, drafting and writing whatever is needed by the party in a given moment, sometimes with short notice.
  • I’m Dana, a born and bred Egyptian who has resided in Cairo for my whole life. I am very passionate about making tangible change that addresses issues affecting masses of students, like mental health and housing. Furthermore, I joined 020 as it is a practical channel for students to communicate their issues and I wanted to contribute to that.
  • My name is Sophia and I am a second-year Political Science student from the United States. I first joined 020 with the goal of pushing for better inclusivity and access to information for UvA students and beyond. Whilst I haven’t forgotten that, most of my attention is now turned to organising various events for UvA students.
  • My name is Fedya. I am a Russian second-year Political Science student. I see 020 as a great opportunity to collectively make the environment in our University better. Additionally, 020 is the perfect place for myself to have gain useful practice in my preferred working field.
  • Like quite some of my peers, I am a second-year Political Science student. I have joined the 020 Events Team because event organising something I am highly passionate about and enjoy thoroughly. I believe that 020 offers a brilliant platform for self-development and realization. Most of all, I am looking forward to working with many interesting people in- and outside this Party.
  • My name is Elizabeth and I am a second-year Political Science student. I joined 020 because it carries out a lot of activities that help fellow students such as informing students of current events. Also, through social media 020 really tries to connect with students and I want to become apart of this and the organizations’ political activities.
  • I am a curious and enthusiastic second-year Political Science student. My passion for my study is to analyze societal structures and how they can be improved. To that end, I joined 020 to try and make tangible improvements in the structures present at our University. I use my analytical skills and enthusiasm to set out new policy ideas and organize programs within the Internal Department.
  • My name is Abbey and I am a second-year Political Science student. I am originally from the United States but have settled and found my new home here in Amsterdam. Regarding this, I joined 020 to represent interests that have not only affected myself but continue to impact students at the University and across Amsterdam as well.
    Additionally, I am passionate about issues such as housing, sustainability and outreach. I also enjoy working within a team and representing people within this type of setting. Outside of politics, I enjoy biking, exploring, and writing.
  • I am a second-year student of Political Science, born and raised in the Cayman Islands. A key passion of mine is sustainability which, through 020, I will aim to improve at the University.
    That includes environmental sustainability, but also student sustainability. I will focus on addressing the needs of the student body through my position in the Internal Department in order to allow each individual to reach their full potential.
  • My name is Constança Jardim and I am a second-year Political science student. I decided to join 020 because I believe my views align strongly with the party’s, especially on the matter of pragmatic policies. The university offers a range of amazing opportunities, but it can also feel overwhelming and hard to navigate at times. That is why I wanted to contribute to 020’s mission of making university the most enjoyable experience for every student.