The Internal Department of 020

Put simply, the Internal Department is in charge of maintaining the machinery that is 020 and ensuring cohesion between its various teams. This means that they undertake a number of tasks, some directly related to administration, others focusing on internal cohesion.

Internal is also in charge of hosting all our events and overseeing our team of wonderful policy writers and researchers.

antonio - member of internal organisation
Internal Management - Team Leader

Antonio De Carluccio

khalid - member of the internal team
Internal Management

Khalid Ghazi

daemon - 020
Internal Management

Daemon Ortega

dana - member of the internal committee
Events - Team Leader

Dana Adawi

Events - Academic Events Organizer

Sophia Yaziji

Fedya - member of the event team
Events - Social Events Organizer

Fedor Pisarenko

Maksym - 020
Events - Social Events Organizer

Maksym Igelnyk

elizabeth - 020
Events - Social Events Organizer

Elizabeth Jones

Events - Social Events Organizer

Lea Searrano

ties - member of the policy team
Policy Writing - Team Leader

Ties van Ierschot

abbey - member of the policy team
Policy Writing

Abbey Gilchrist

richard- member of the policy team
Policy Writing

Richard Weber

luca - 020
Policy Writing

Luca Sottemano

Policy Writing

Constança Jardim

Policy Writing

Noor Vissram