The board of 020

Leadership is not about managing employees. True leadership is about setting impactful and collective goals and empowering our people to fulfil their untapped potentials. Thus, the Board is there to guide the activities of our active members. In the end, altogether they are responsible for the success of the Party, both in regards to our work in the Council and social output. In collaboration with all of the members, they decide the course of the Party and investigate the means by which they can be achieved.

Dédé - Leading Director on the Board of 020
Managing Director

Dédé Kruisman

Mia - Internal Director on the Board of 020
Internal Director

Mia Haug

Viraj - External Director of 020
External Director

Viraj Kote

Lydiah - Human Development Director on the Board of 020
Human Development Director

Lydiah van Soestbergen

andreea - financial director of 020
Financial Director

Andreea Apopei-Alecsiu

Pablo - Candidate Chair on the Board of 020
Candidates Chair

Pablo Mustienes

Tommaso - Policy Advisor
Policy Advisor

Tommaso Catuzzato

Who is the board of 020?

Click on the names of our very own Board members below and find out what drives them to elevate the University of Amsterdam to new heights.
  • My name is Dédé and I am the Managing Director of 020. I consider art, education, and entrepreneurship my biggest passions in life. Thus, I am always searching for new ways to combine these things into new ventures. Looking around, I see a lot of things that could be done in a more effective, humane, and inclusive way. For this purpose, we founded 020: to fight for certain positive change that actually impacts the lives of all students. 020 is what energises me every day of the week to give my full commitment to soon realise a University, city, and world that benefits us all.
    In my eyes, the role of being the ‘Party Leader’ revolves around the notion of both communicating 020’s message to the outside world, whilst functioning as the link between 020’s many teams and individuals. There are two main aspects differentiating 020 from other student parties at the UvA. First, our hands-on approach to tackling any (political) issue at hand and, second, our fully inclusive organisation. We have created an environment in which all active members have an equal voice. Furthermore, collaboration, communication, and creativity are the fundaments upon which we continue to build. Together with the other devoted Board members, I strive to turn 020 into a Europe-wide student party, while maintaining a strong and cohesive internal organisation.
  • I am a second-year Political Science student from Estonia and a co-founder of 020. This party and especially the Board position has offered me a dual opportunity to improve my personal skills, whilst enacting tangible influence on my environment. Consequently, what truly motivates me is the potential 020 has in my eyes. 020 has the capacity not only to benefit the University on its various levels but, eventually, reach well beyond that. I think there are plenty of matters a straightforward student party could enhance. A drive like this is needed to voraciously enhance every students’ stance and prospectives at the University of Amsterdam.
    As the Internal Director, the bulk of my tasks concern the day-to-day smooth running of 020. This, evidently, includes plenty of collaboration with the Board and other Committees and constantly coming up with finer means to streamline the administrative side of the Party. Besides that, my Committee oversees the organisation of 020’s events, both internal and external, and is responsible for our collective political output. Thus, Internal has a clear view of the practical functioning of 020 whilst remaining active in our outer ventures.
  • My name is Viraj Kote and I am the External Director of 020. After living in different parts of the world, I believe that comprehensive education is the solution to most of society’s problems. To me, 020 perfectly embodies what it means to work towards meaningful education, which is why I am proud to be a part of the 020 Board. I look forward to all the fruitful work 020 will do!
    With my very capable and motivated team, we form the External Committee. We focus on enriching the lives of students in a two-fold manner. First, we organise campaigns to win student council elections with our Candidates. Second, we engage with the students through enterprising products ranging from booklets on everyday issues, such as housing in Amsterdam, to career talks for the specialisations offered by the UvA. Furthermore, the External Committee focuses on enhancing and growing 020’s presence through social media, helping us achieve pragmatic, yet, meaningful change.
  • I am a half-Dutch, half-Singaporean student at the University of Amsterdam. Diversity and inclusivity are at the forefront of my principles. Having been in the realm of international education, I understand the struggles that come with being in a new environment. The change of moving to a big city is daunting and that is why I joined this party: I believe in the potential that 020 has to drive change for students.
    I am the Head of Human Development. Thus, as a committee, we oversee the recruiting, interviewing, and hiring of new members. Additionally, the growth of our members is of utmost importance. My day-to-day activities vary based on any upcoming projects that we have. However, it mainly revolves around ensuring that the process of joining the Party is a smooth transition and that everyone will have the means they need to fulfil their potential here.
  • My name is Andreea and I’m an ex-professional debater passionate about elocution, negotiating, and strategy. My vision embodies life as a system of forces to be altered, mastered and harnessed in the name of learning. Therefore, I am investing time and effort in developing and fortifying a proactive work ethic designed to typify excellence. Because innovation is a limited resource, I and the Board strive to bring change and meaning, and I believe that is worth a thousand conversations!
    My role as the Chief Financial Officer consists of managing all the financial actions of 020, tracking cash flow and financial planning. Additionally, I create financial strategies to ensure the proper distribution of funds within 020’s Committees. A major task of mine analysing our financial strengths and weaknesses and propose corrective actions accordingly. Last but not least, I oversee and maintain a good operation between the association and our (potential) partners.
  • Living in different cities throughout my life has made me appreciate the value of a diverse environment. Hence, one of the reasons I co-founded 020 was to offer international students a louder voice in the University issues. As a candidate, I will represent all students equally to ensure that necessary widespread developments are carried out in the Faculty.
    In the FMG Council, I have the role of Vice-chair. The 020 pillars that I focus on in the Council are the quality of education and diversity. My diverse background and understanding of students’ grievances make me the perfect candidate to ensure the representation of all students.
  • My name is Tommaso Catuzzato, I am a second-year Political Science student at the University of Amsterdam. I co-founded 020 because I saw a misrepresentation of the students at UvA. Thus, I wanted to form a political party that genuinely helps all students and makes their lives easier. Being a part of the Board of 020 provides me with the opportunity to tackle the real issues that students encounter. I pride us for doing so in an effective and pragmatic manner.
    As Policy Advisor of 020, my job is to advise the policy-making process. This is done by collaborating with our Policy Team and together creating policies. Then, they will be presented to our Candidates to implement in their respective councils. This position allows me to oversee the policy process and bring forth the positive change I always hoped to initiate.