The board of 020

Leadership is not about managing employees. True leadership is about setting impactful and collective goals and empowering our people to fulfil their untapped potentials. Thus, the Board is there to guide the activities of our active members. In the end, altogether they are responsible for the success of the Party, both in regards to our work in the Council and social output. In collaboration with all of the members, they decide the course of the Party and investigate the means by which they can be achieved.

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Managing Director


Management Board

Mia - Internal Director on the Board of 020
Political Director

Mia Haug

Viraj - External Director of 020
Acting External Director

Viraj Kote

emma - member of the human development committee
Internal Director

Emma Bruns

Supervisory Board

The Supervisory Board (SB) is a body that provides non-binding strategic advice to the Management Board (MB) of Partij 020. The informal nature of the SB gives greater flexibility in structure and management. The SB has a broad focus, dealing with all departments, personnel, and issues within the organisation and its environment.

Tommaso - Policy Advisor
Supervisory Board

Tommaso Catuzzato

Pablo - Candidate Chair on the Board of 020
Supervisory Board

Pablo Mustienes

Dédé - Leading Director on the Board of 020
Supervisory Board

Dédé Kruisman