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The External Department of 020

Our members in the External Department of 020 are emerged in, as the name implies, external matters. To summarise, they produce the content we publish, look for possible partnerships with other organisations and reach out to stakeholders on behalf of 020.

Besides that, they are in contact with our coordinators in multiple studies across the University of Amsterdam. Our coordinators help us come up with new events and other ways to support the students of the UvA in every faculty.

antoon - member of the external department
Writing - Team Leader

Antoon Versieck

Writing - Researcher & Writer

Max Berendsen

Writing - Researcher & Writer

Veronica Zanon

Writing - Researcher & Writer

Noor Vissram

Writing Team - Creative Designer

Zein Al Naggar

caroline - 020
Outreach - Team Leader

Caroline Loher

Outreach - Political Science Coordinator

Davide Cardu

Outreach - Political Science Coordinator

Dasha Finikova

Outreach - Political Science Coordinator

Jake Ingenthron

Outreach - Political Science Coordinator

Ole Butenschön

Outreach - PPLE Coordinator

Sertara Kurt

Nathalie - 020
Outreach - Psychology Coordinator

Nathalie Fengler

Outreach - Media and Information Coordinator

Helge Moes

Campaign and Strategist

Barbora Havlíčková

meiling - external coordinator

Meiling Geiges

Dummy Image

John Smith

  • Besides being the Leader of the Writing Team in the External Department of 020, I keep myself busy with languages, travelling, and studying. Therefore, to combine these three interests, I will go on exchange in Brazil, also to explore its surroundings. Those who want to explore the city, have questions about the UvA, or simply play a game of volleyball, can always hit me up!
  • Hi there! I’m a member of External, but more precisely a copywriter for 020. In the Party, I am responsible for the writing of blog posts in which the vision of the party is put forward. To say something about myself, I am 23 years old, half-Dutch, half-Polish and currently a second-year student of Political Science at UvA. However, since I have a background in journalism, I can really put my skills to use here. Above all, 020 is the party for me due to my passion for helping students both in and outside the UvA.
  • I am a member of the External Committee as well as the policy research/writing committee. My appeal to joining 020 came from the party’s true commitment to bettering the student life at the UvA in an active manner, which I thought had not been done by other student party’s before. 020 has an engaging nature that encourages us to get involved in matter that concern our academic life everyday, and also helps us make decisions regarding our future and matters outside of university. For me, being a part of 020 is all about using my own experience to help fellow students have as smooth an experience at the UvA as possible
  • Being half-German, half-Ukrainian, and growing up in many culturally diverse countries has made inclusivity one of my core values. This is why I eventually decided to join 020. I want students to feel that we are one big community and that we have a voice. Moreover, when I am not on campus studying, you can find me exploring hidden spots in the city with a film camera or engaging in a thought-provoking discussion about the meaning of the universe.
  • Hi everyone! I am Davide and proudly part of the External Department of 020. Outgoing and conversational, I love being surrounded by different people that challenge and stimulate me. Above all, I joined 020 because of its purpose to create a community of students that extends beyond just one faculty and works together with everyone, no matter their position or party affiliation.
  • I am an outgoing girl with a true Russian soul. So, I love communicating and meeting new people whenever I can. All in all, I joined 020 to make other international students feel more welcome at the UvA. Thus, If any of you ever need a tour guide around Amsterdam and a borrel connoisseur, you know who to contact.
  • I am a half-French and half-American second-year Political Science student at the UvA. Above all, I decided to join 020 as I saw it as an opportunity to improve the experience of the students and also to challenge myself. You can find me enjoying all types of social experiences, ranging from thought-provoking discussion to pickup basketball.
  • To begin with, I consider myself to be a very approachable and outgoing person. Consequently, I enjoy organisational and communicational tasks which also makes working in External so enjoyable. I decided to join 020 as I am especially determined to improve everyone’s experience at the UvA.
  • My name is Sertara and I am the external coordinator for PPLE. One of the most important aspects of society is communication, which is why I joined 020. Our party differs from others by directly influencing and helping students. My aim in this team is to not only promote but also explicitly inform students on all sorts of topics that will help them get through their academic years. Hereby, I aim to support and promote the expansion of 020 into PPLE.
  • My name is Nathalie Fengler, and I am a second-year psychology student. I have an international background, having grown up in North America, Asia, Africa, and Europe. From my experiences, I have developed an open mindset and learned how to adapt to different environments. I, therefore, can easily put myself in the shoes of any student who is beginning a new life in Amsterdam.
    I joined 020 in hopes of making a change to increasing the quality of life for all students at the UvA. Navigating through life as a student can be stressful and daunting. Whether it be help with housing, what specialization to choose, or expanding your knowledge on a topic not covered in your course, 020 will be a guiding hand.
  • From growing up in London in the early stages of my life to moving back to The Netherlands, it was difficult to readjust to the cultural settings. As I am a Dutch student, I do understand the challenges internationals might face. Therefore, I want to support internationals at the UvA and allow them a say in the structure of the education system. I will aide 020 in this cause by carrying out the task of external coordinator.
  • Having worked as a campaigner for the 2018 Czech presidential elections, I thus have experience organising and executing political campaigns. My peers describe me as a passionate, reliable, and straight-forward person who knows how to manage the behind-the-scenes activities both efficiently and effectively. To summarise, these skills and characteristics have undoubtedly proven valuable in 020’s External Department where campaigning is always ongoing.