So much more than just a Candidate in a Council.

It is the Party that carries the Candidates, not the other way around. The shared knowledge and effort put in by our ever-growing network of active members, researchers and other stakeholders is stronger than the capabilities of just one individual.

Join the Team of 020 today.

This is 020

The only student party at the UvA that does not put its Candidates central but instead focuses on the party organisation as a whole.

Our politics go beyond the University’s Student Councils. 020 brings positive change and real-life impact by going the extra mile: hosting events on specialisations, writing informative booklets, and organising career events and workshops.

Which is why we are proud to present the Team of 020 making all of this possible:

the board


The Board is there to guide the activities of our active members and, with their help, set the course for the Party.

the advisory

Financial Department

Members of the Financial team use their specific knowledge to aid 020 with everything from merchandise to donations.

the candidates of 020

Candidates & Representatives

Our candidates and representatives fight for 020’s beliefs in the elected Student Councils.

internal - part of 020's team

Internal Department

Internal is in charge of maintaining the machinery that is 020 and ensuring cohesion between its various teams.

the external team - part of the team of 020

External Department

Our members in External ensure that the influence of 020 keeps growing, both within and outside the University.

the human development team

Politics Department

The Politics Department […].

Join the movement!

If you are ready to fulfil your own potential and better the University of Amsterdam for all students and staff, send us a message.