You Own It!

About the You Own It survey:

What do we do with the information you submit?

The ‘You Own It: Anonymous Submission of sexual misconduct experiences’ collects information about students’ experiences with instances of sexual misconduct. We will use these stories to re-humanise the statistics we so often see on sexual harassment and assault, as well as to leverage change from the UvA to pass policies and mechanisms of accountability. 

In order to make students feel as comfortable as possible doing so, we have outlined below exactly what information is asked, why it is asked, and how it is stored. 

If you have any more questions or comments please reach out to

What questions do we ask?


The survey asks for information such as age, gender, sexuality, whether you are a student at the UvA or another university, your experience of sexual misconduct, what services you feel might be beneficial, and contact information. 

Everything except the story of sexual misconduct is optional to answer, meaning that if you want to share your story but no other details, that is completely possible.

Why do we ask these questions?


We ask the additional questions in order to be able to pull meaningful data from the stories we gather. By doing so, we can see which groups are most at risk and can leverage this information to get these groups more support from the UvA, as well as through external organisations.

How is my data stored?


In order to keep your information safe, we will assign a number to each story in order to ensure that specific stories can be located, while ensuring the anonymity of every person. 

For more details on how your data is stored and used, take a look on our Privacy Statement here.



You Own It aims to offer the opportunity to share your story and provide support if needed. Our function is not that of a jury or a judge. We will handle the stories with care and from a neutral perspective and can not assume the role of a legal body.

Reading or talking about these stories might cause triggers. In that case, we can recommend some techniques which can be useful when handling triggers. You can find those here.

You Own It also provides you with a network in case you need professional help. You can find it here.

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