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  • You Own It is a student-run project whose goal is to raise awareness of cases of sexual harassment and assault at the University of Amsterdam and its affiliated organisations, and thus prevent them from happening in the future. Inspired by the power of testimony, which enabled countless people to share their experiences and find support, we aim to collect anonymous stories from UvA students to highlight how widespread this issue is both to the student body and to the University administration. The final outcome we are working towards is to form pragmatic policy solutions that can be implemented within the University that will protect and support students.

  • Sharing one’s experiences has been proven to be cathartic. Many survivors of sexual assault have spoken at length about how these experiences can feel like their autonomy and ownership of their bodies has been taken away.. We aim to empower victims to take back control, starting with their story and their narrative. Therefore, You Own It acts as a platform for students to be able to share their stories anonymously, and perhaps feel less alone in their issues. Additionally, You Own It was heavily inspired by the #metoo movement, which led to protests around the world that enacted real-world changes. That is why we believe it is so crucial to collect stories and not just sets of data. By humanising the statistics we know so well, we hope the University will better understand and prioritise this issue. By looking closely at the stories, for instance what type of sexual misconduct takes place the most, who is most affected, and where these instances took place, we can formulate accurate and effective policy proposals to tackle it.

  • Anyone who wishes to submit their experiences with sexual misconduct is welcome to fill in and submit our form. This is because we believe that doing so can be incredibly cathartic for victims, and we would like to provide that opportunity to anyone who needs it. However, the project is led by students at the University of Amsterdam and as such, the policies that will be formulated will be for the UvA student body. Therefore, if you are not or no longer a UvA student, we strongly request that you indicate this in the allocated area in the survey. This is so that we can ensure that our policies are as accurate and effective as possible.

  • The 020 student party is a strong supporter of the You Own It project and believes that it can help in a number of ways, notably through its resources. 020 has the manpower and reach that You Own It does not (yet) have and to have as big of an impact as possible, we believe it is essential to work with other organisations that are able to help us in our mission.

    For transparency sake, we would like to disclose that some members of You Own It are members of 020. However, the project is run independently from the party and is not influenced by the decisions of 020.

  • Since You Own It is a student-led project, we collaborate with a number of other organisations to make sure that we approach this topic appropriately. We have thus collaborated with OBOV, and professionals at SAFO Space and CARE, to make sure that our language, information and approach is sensitive to the potentially triggering aspects of this topic. Additionally, SAFO Space offers support groups to help students with various topics, including sexual harassment and assault, and thus would like to encourage students who are submitting stories to You Own It to reach out if they are struggling.

  • The You Own It project does not directly offer a support service but can provide you with a list of different support networks which you can find here. Additionally, we have a small document that outlines different techniques that can help manage triggers. Please note that this information does not serve as a replacement for professional help. Furthermore, you can opt-in to be contacted by the project or you can send an email to to take part in the support groups of CARE/SAFO space.

    For any other questions or comments, please email us at

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