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Get to know our

020 Alumni

On this page you will find testimonials of various 020 members throughout the years.

Get to know them, what 020 has brought to them, and what they are doing now.

Andreea Apopei-Alecsiu
(JP Morgan)

020 was instrumental in shaping who I am today personally and professionally - it has nurtured my entrepreneurial instinct and ambition, but most importantly, instilled a bulletproof sense of resilience in me. The challenges I encountered while running the organization during my mandate and overcoming obstacles such as limited resources, competing priorities, and organizational growth instilled in me a drive for success and the belief that no challenge is insurmountable especially when trying to innovate, change or go the extra mile. I find myself incredibly lucky to have solidified such strong traits as part of 020 before starting my career at JPMorgan Chase & Co., as it has equipped me with a solid foundation to navigate investment banking’s complexities, define my success mission and stand tall in front of adversity.

Brian Cuijpers
(Amsterdam Stock Exchange)

Being active in the party allowed me to develop myself professionally in a welcoming environment while also meeting many interesting and driven individuals. Whilst my studies were not directly related to politics, having that experience proved to be very valuable to employers, even in unrelated professional fields: in all my interviews my time at 020 received positive attention. It shows you committed yourself in a unique way by contributing to improvements for other students, which was an advantage over other candidates for the job. After my time at 020, I was able to get jobs at leading law firms and a broker at the Amsterdam Stock Exchange. Not to mention my time at 020 has been a lot of fun too!

Mia Haug
(Partij LEF)

Working at 020 for many years, I was excited to look for new opportunities. After my leadership roles in 020, I started a similar position working as the Chair of LEF—a political party on the national level in the Netherlands. Since LEF is a relatively new party, my experience starting and building up 020 was very useful for them. I was responsible for the cohesion of different teams, setting up the strategic plan for the year with my colleagues, and developing their ideology—everything I had practiced before in 020. Thus, my time at 020 gave me many advantages afterwards, making me more confident in my work. I recommend it to everyone, even if you don’t plan on going into politics since you’re bound to pick up a lot of different skills, even those you didn’t anticipate beforehand (like writing bylaws in my case).

Antoon Versieck
(Belgian Embassy)

After completing my bachelor's degree at the UvA and serving as the Chair of the Executive Committee at 020, I have acquired substantial international experience. I pursued two master's degrees at renowned universities: one in International Politics at KU Leuven (ranked among the top 45 globally) and another in Sustainable Development at the University of Sussex (ranked number 1 globally). Additionally, I had the privilege of working as a Political Analyst Trainee at the Belgian Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Brasilia, Brazil. Although I had the opportunity to become a trainee at the European Court of Auditors, I decided to combine my passion for research, human interaction, and the private sector by working as a headhunter in the Luxembourgish market.


My experience at 020 undoubtedly played a crucial role in shaping my academic and professional trajectory. During my time there, I encountered responsibilities that extended beyond my academic achievements and personal life for the first time. Actively engaging in event organization, writing informative booklets, and taking on various tasks simultaneously allowed me to develop a profound sense of professional responsibility while benefiting from 020's supportive environment, which encouraged learning from mistakes. Furthermore, by organizing events and engaging with individuals beyond the academic sphere, I gained valuable first hand exposure to the realities of the fields I was most interested in. Lastly, 020 provided me with the foundation to thrive within a structured setting resembling a professional institution. Hence, I perceive 020 as an exceptional opportunity to gain practical experience in an environment that mirrors a genuine professional institution!

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