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020 Student Council Representatives of 2023-2024

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                            Ihab Laachir                        Diana Burduja                           Brody Xin

                                                                         Julie Barikmo

Samarth Kambli






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Carly Allard

Hey all! I’m Carly, now an advisor to the Management Board at 020. I started my journey here as the Internal Department Communicator, followed by acting as the 2022-2023 Internal Director. My time at 020 has been filled with lots of passion, challenges, laughs, and, above all, learning. As an advisor, I am open to all questions by the MB, as well as any other members of 020 to make sure that everyone has as many tools as possible to further better students’ lives at the UvA. Looking forward to meeting you at the next 020 social event :)

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