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Open Positions

Hi there! So glad that you are interested in becoming part of our Partij. We are currently recruiting for our open positions (see below). All general member or team leader positions take between 3-10 hours per week and are on a volunteer basis. See detailed descriptions of our structure and teams in our "This is 020" booklet if you would like to see which teams would suit you. We look forward to receiving your application!

2024/2025 Management board

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Campaign Fundamentals

Open for team member positions. You will be researching, planning, and executing 020's election campaign for the student council. In order to optimise the elected candidates, the team analyses previous election results and methods in order to create a solid plan for the next election season. 

Social Department

Drinking Wine

Social Events Team 

Open for team member positions. As part of the Social Events team, you will organise fun, inclusive, and meaningful events that give a chance for members to bond and get to know each other. 

Campaign Pitch

Social Works Team

Open for both team leader and members. You will work on social projects such as expanding campaigns, creating surveys, and organising social awareness weeks. In other words, you uphold and promote our pillars. 

School Library

Academic & Career Events

Open for team leader and members. You will be responsible for organising educational and academic events to better inform the UvA student body on important and relevant topics. This also includes information about their possible future job prospects.  

Politics Department 


2024/2025 Representatives 

Are you someone who wants to better the university's environment? Are you down to fight for your fellow students to be heard? Then this position may just be for you! We are recruiting candidates who want to run for the 2024/2025 batch of representatives in the CSR and FSR!

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