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Christmas magic at the Dam

Updated: Dec 19, 2022

Everyone has different plans for Christmas holidays. Some are going to be visiting their relatives, some are going to be travelling to warmer places and some of us are staying in the city. Amsterdam during winter time is more astonishing than ever and nonetheless full of exciting things to do and ways to meet people.

First of all, have a look at the programme of the Eleventh edition of Amsterdam Light Festival that will be held between December 1st 2022 and January 22nd 2023. The city will be flooded with light art and you’ll be able to see the works both walking or from a boat in the canals. The theme of this edition with 20 inspiring artworks is Imagine Beyond.

As you probably noticed already, Amsterdam’s cultural life is very rich and satisfies all different preferences. There are loads of cinemas and film houses where you can warm up, relax, and get emotional watching a good movie. As every year, many films are being released over the Christmas period. The one we suggest is The Eight Mountains, directed by Felix van Groningen and Charlotte Vandermeersch (

Christmas is also a time when we feel more willing to dedicate some of our time to others. A fulfilling initiative is ServeTheCity.Amsterdam ( that offers flexibles volunteering work that you can do when you have some free hours or a day free. Tasks range from cooking to cleaning activities or nursing home visits. In December they have a special project called “The magic of giving”. They organize little gift giving and Sinterklaas dinners for those who don't have the chance to experience it. Why not?

If you love winter sports, Amsterdam settled something for you. There is a beautiful ice-skating rink in one of the best spots of the city - Museumplein - right in front of the Rijksmuseum. You can ice skate surrounded by a lovely Christmas atmosphere and then visit some of the well known Dutch museums, which happen to be open even during the holidays. Another option is to visit one of the numerous Christmas markets of the city. There are several around and they mainly focus on delicious homemade and organic food, or arts and crafts.

The city is already full of Christmas decorations, cafès and bars dressed up with their winter atmosphere and while walking through the canals you can now smell the scent of cinnamon coming from the bakeries. Districts of the centre, for instance De Pijp or Jordaan, are perfect to spend a lazy afternoon in a cozy cafè drinking hot chocolate and reading a good book!

Article by Alessia Brisa

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