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Get that side hustle going

Updated: Dec 19, 2022

Most people start looking for a way to be financially independent from their family once they are in university. You may be tired of relying on your parents to pay rent or maybe you’ve seen a pair of shoes in Kalverstraat that you are dying to buy. Either way, it’s somewhat liberating to earn money yourself and be able to spend it however you like. As living expenses as a student in a city like Amsterdam often go well beyond 1000€ a month, we have a few suggestions on how to get part-time jobs that will still leave you plenty of time to focus on your classes.

Before diving into that, take into account that you do not necessarily have to get a job, especially if you are busy with student associations or other extracurriculars. Sometimes, budgeting is a more efficient way to handle your finances. Make a plan for your projected expenses and you’ll probably realize that you’d save a lot of money if you got Starbucks once instead of three times a week. Being responsible sucks but it’s better than being broke.

Now, you may have already thought of working as a waiter or in retail. To apply for these kinds of jobs, Indeed might be a better option than LinkedIn. However, the hiring process usually takes forever. If you want to start working immediately, don’t be shy and ask for any open positions directly at the store you’d like to work at. Many restaurants have a hiring sign on the door, so you can start there.

It is often the case that your job applications get rejected because you do not speak Dutch. If you are willing to learn the language, UvA offers its students MyDutch, an online course for basic to intermediate level. Speaking Dutch will certainly increase your chances of getting a job, but you also need a decent CV. If you don’t have much practical/work experience, you can expand your knowledge in any career field you may be interested in through Coursera. Learn about project management, IT, PR, etc. and get a certificate. Courses often take as little as 12 hours and they would definitely be a great addition to your CV. Also, if you are not sure whether your resume looks good or you have no idea how to write a cover letter, consider attending UvA Career Day this Wednesday (Nov. 9). They will hold several workshops and you can talk to professional recruiters to get the best tips.

For those who already have a bike, becoming a delivery driver should be an easily attainable part-time job with flexible working hours. If you’d rather work online, tutoring meets this criterion. Teaching your language sounds pretty convenient because you choose your hours and decide the age group of your tutees. Finally, an alternative way to gain extra money is participating in research projects. You basically get paid to take part in some cool experiment (nothing wild, I promise!), plus you contribute to science. Find out more at

We hope you’ll find this overview helpful and best of luck finding a student job!

Article by Vanessa Toraldo

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