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Getting to know Amsterdam

Updated: Dec 19, 2022

Moving to a new city all alone can definitely be scary. Leaving your family and friends behind, starting out on your own and just having to grow up all of a sudden is not easy at all, but when you’re in a city as amazing as Amsterdam, life just hits different. Whatever kind of a person you are, there is a place for you in the heart of this beautiful city.

As we all know, Amsterdam is famous for its history, culture and architecture. But once you finish trying out the touristy things and start diving deep into university life, you’ll find yourself looking for the typical Amsterdammer lifestyle.

Starting out as a student, your top priority would definitely be finding the ideal study spot. Roeterseiland campus is obviously gorgeous, but if you’re looking for a quieter and more intimate place to relax and study in, you should try out the other campuses (Oudemanhuispoort, Science Park, PC. Hoofthuis). There are several UvA campuses that you would love studying at, but after a while, you might just want to visit new places where you could get work done. Well, Amsterdam is just about right for quaint places to study at. For example, Kalf and Bloom at Spuistraat is a quiet cafe where you could get the best iced coffee and a calm environment where you could focus right before exams. De Koffieschenkerij is another hidden gem that is tucked away in a corner amidst the hustle. A morning study session would be ideal here (unless you’re distracted by the smell of scrumptious baked goods!). Another study-esque place is the Prism cafe, right outside of the Oudemanhuispoort campus. It is full of students from UvA, so if you’re looking to meet some new people, it is the perfect place for you!

Something that comes hand-in-hand with university life is the party culture. If you are a person who loves going out, Amsterdam has a LOT to offer. Starting from intimate techno events at Radio Radio, to classic clubs like Melkweg, Paradiso, Coco’s Outback, and Lovelee, every extrovert would love to get to know Amsterdam by the night!

If you’re tired of all the dancing, here are some quiet places that will definitely help you get away from the commotion for a while.

The English Book Exchange is a beautiful bookstore close to Rokin metro station. Time literally stops in this bookstore and this place is definitely every literature lover’s paradise. Perdu is a theatre bookshop and publishing house which hosts workshops, poetry reading sessions and many other events for people passionate about the arts. Amsterdam is also home to Fabrique de Lumiere which provides immersive art experiences and is a wonderful place to unleash the creative side of your mind.

This is just a minuscule snippet of the beautiful places this city has in store for you. These few years are probably going to be the most formative years in your life and you will keep discovering this city until you can call it ‘home’. So get ready for Amsterdam to embrace you!

Article by Shayree Majumder

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