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How does 020 aim to keep its sustainbility pillar alive

We are here to make a change.

020’s core pillars are a fundamental introduction to the topics that drive our party to bring a positive change in university life. Sustainability is one of our most urgent and passionate pillars. As a community, 020 promotes environmentally friendly practices among its members. Even though individual incentives matter for sustainability, at 020 the sustainability pillar goes beyond taking individual steps for a greener future. 020 through its network and members strives to achieve communal, academic, and creative sustainability. We recognise the importance of taking steps which help sustain a greener future.

So how do we achieve such passionate sustainability goals at 020?

Primarily, we keep our core pillars alive by spreading our party’s message consistently and effectively. Through our social media posts, online blog posts, and booklets we aim to raise awareness about issues surrounding sustainability consistently. Moreover, as a party 020 also supports and promotes decisions in the formation of University policy which are environmentally friendly and opposes any unethical and unsustainable developments at the University of Amsterdam. 020 representatives at the Central Student Council have repeatedly put forth sustainable practices to be adopted by the administration at the university. This is an important first step towards pushing for a greener campus life which also promotes sustainable practices in our personal lives. Multiple members of our community are taking up sustainability centric courses at the University of Amsterdam which drives our initiatives to be academically sourced too!

Article by Manavi Khanna

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