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Setting an example for diversity & inclusion

Updated: Mar 27, 2023

‘020 strives to not only superficially advocate for diversity, but to actively integrate it in its policies and practices.’

Diversity and inclusion at 020 go far beyond organizing sessions to help students feel welcomed and appreciated in our community. Having hosted panel discussions around topics like mental health, posting blogs to spread awareness around period poverty, and the addition of periodic Focus Groups, 020 strives to take the norm of inclusivity to the next level.

Diversity & inclusion stem from the willingness to collaborate and appreciate different perspectives around us. 020’s members are from over 30 different countries, across different continents and work together harmoniously to support our party’s mission. 020 has built a highly welcoming community which offers support and an open space for various activities.

We aim to promote and initiate the creation of similar safe spaces like our Focus Groups, and panel discussion to invite students of different cultures to get together. Are you looking to join a community of young minds promoting diversity & inclusion? If yes, then take a look at our latest activities and join us to know more!

020 Mental Health Talk

Join Us!

Article by Manavi Khanna

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