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A Look into 020’s 2022/23 Managing Board

Concluding their roles as directors, this year's board has achieved various goals within the party. They have assisted the Student Council representatives to fulfill their election promises, organized the ins and outs of the different departments within the party, and overseen the recent election campaign. This year's board included the managing, internal, social, external, and financial directors who all came from different academic backgrounds, bringing along personal motivations and experiences, and turning it into a synergetic force.

This year's managing director, Noor Vissram is a Political Science student who joined 020 in late 2020 as a policy writer, working on the party’s first mental health policies. When asked about her role she says, “Ultimately, the best part of being the managing director has been fostering the 020 community and seeing how members have come together for this shared purpose, and that everyone of use shares the same vision”. Noor advanced within the party working in both external and internal departments over the years. Her role in managing the party was an integral part of making 020 a well-rounded, functional, and overall a successful student association.

The Internal director, Carly Allard, is a Sociology student. When asked about what she has learned from her time on the board, she says “I have first and foremost developed my leadership skills, learned how to motivate people, how to give constructive criticism, and how to keep the big picture of my department in mind”. Carly is the backbone of the party as she supervises the internal department which includes recruiting new members, facilitating communication, and ensuring the well-being of 020 members. When asked about achievements, she says “I would say that our greatest achievement internally was making it feel like a home with the space to grow and speak your mind”. She reflects on her time in 020 saying, “My board year at 020 was filled with warm interpersonal relationships, growth, and handling the many challenges as they came”.

As a social director, Sophie Frapin ties the board together in terms of event planning. When asked to reflect on the year at 020 she says, “I was lucky enough to work alongside an amazing and cohesive board who values communication and interdepartmental support, without whom I would have struggled tenfold”. Reviewing the department's achievements, she mentions the new 2022-2023 merch and refers to the Academic and Career events saying “We put together a wonderful panel discussion alongside Periodic and HeforShe”. Sophie has worked hard this year to organize events for 020 and the UvA, ensuring that 020 knows how best to serve the student body. Her efforts have resulted in better communication and fostered a sense of community within the party.

Agathe Tomaselli joined 020 as the external director maintaining both her Masters in Corporate Communication as well as the external department which includes the writing, campaign, and marketing teams. About her experience at 020, she says “I’ve grown a lot in the last few months in both how to work as a team and how to lead a team. I gained friends and a network and got the opportunity to be more involved, within and beyond school boundaries”. Agathe has gone above and beyond in the management of different groups, especially with the recent election campaign. When asked about what she learned through her role, she says “I’ve also learned quite a lot in different areas of being a student political party and changes that are being made to better students' lives through projects and interacting with representatives”.

Financial director, Vlad Stoicescu is an Economics and Business Economics student. He oversaw the smooth running of accounting by ensuring that the party would be left in a good financial position for the upcoming board. When asked about his achievements, he says “On a personal level, this position allowed me to be part of the core team that organized this year's Anti-Kantine at REC”. Vlad has exceeded his role by ensuring both the financial success of the party and by establishing permanent roots within the University. He continues “I initiated a partnership with Knaek, obtaining a temporary office space at CREA, and potentially a permanent office for the upcoming academic year, and securing 020's first university-backed board grant since its conception as a party”. Along with other administrative tasks, his achievements have guaranteed the financial and legal health of 020.

This year's board will be passing the baton to new recruits for the next academic year, but it is more than sufficient to say that they have proactively accomplished a multitude of goals and undeniably worked to ensure the future of 020 within the University.

Asmi Banjara

Almost all of the board present: Vlad, Filo (old Political Director), Agathe, Noor, and Carly

The girls of the board: Noor, Sophie, Carly, and Agathe

Agathe (External), Vlad (Financial), and Sophie (Social) at one of our borrels

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