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Embracing Our Voice: Reflecting on Last Week's Elections and the Power of Voting at the University

Last week, an exciting event unfolded at the University of Amsterdam (UvA) that highlighted the essence of democracy and the power of our voices. Elections took place within various faculties, including FMG Social Sciences, Communication, Child Development/Education, Psychology, FEB, PPLE, and CSR. These elections served as a reminder of the importance of active participation and voting in shaping our academic community. In this blog article, we reflect on the significance of these elections and the crucial role they play in empowering students, staff, and researchers at UvA. FMG Social Sciences, Communication, Child Development/Education, and Psychology: Within these faculties, the recent elections brought forth an incredible display of inclusivity and representation. Students and faculty members engaged in the electoral process, casting their votes to elect representatives who will champion their interests, tackle pressing issues, and ensure that the faculty's policies align with the needs and aspirations of its community. These elections foster a sense of belonging and ownership, giving a voice to each individual within these diverse fields of study. FEB (Faculty of Economics and Business): The elections within FEB demonstrated the commitment of students and staff to shaping their academic experience. By actively participating in the electoral process, individuals selected representatives who will advocate for a conducive learning environment, foster connections with the business community, and enhance career opportunities and industry partnerships. These elections enable the FEB community to have a say in shaping the direction of their faculty and to actively contribute to its growth and success. PPLE (Politics, Psychology, Law, and Economics): The recent elections within PPLE showcased the interdisciplinary spirit and collective power of its students and staff. By engaging in the electoral process, individuals elected representatives who will promote cross-disciplinary initiatives, encourage dialogue, and advocate for a comprehensive and well-rounded academic curriculum. These elections allow the PPLE community to influence the very fabric of their education, ensuring that diverse perspectives are embraced and that intellectual growth thrives. CSR (College of Social Sciences Research Master): At CSR, last week's elections provided an opportunity for research students to shape the future of social sciences at UvA. By participating in the democratic process, students elected representatives who will prioritize their needs, advocate for resources and funding, and foster a collaborative and supportive research environment. These elections ensure that the research community remains vibrant, innovative, and responsive to the evolving needs of its members. The recent elections at the University of Amsterdam have shown us the transformative power of our votes and active participation within the academic community. Through our collective engagement in faculties such as FMG Social Sciences, Communication, Child Development/Education, Psychology, FEB, PPLE, and CSR, we have taken important steps towards shaping our educational experience, advocating for our interests, and influencing policies that impact our lives. By embracing our voice and participating in elections, we contribute to an environment that values representation, inclusivity, and academic excellence. Let us celebrate the outcomes of the recent elections and recognize that our active engagement in the democratic process is vital for fostering a vibrant and inclusive academic community at UvA. Together, we can continue to shape our collective future and create an environment that reflects our diverse voices, aspirations, and ambitions.

Article by Shayree Majumder

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