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The academic year is coming to an end and our 2022/23 directors are handing their torch to the new set of directors that will be leading 020 yet another year. Being a director is an important role that helps the party function and propel it beyond amongst students and within the university. We pride ourselves with very dedicated members and our directors are the piece of the puzzle that help lead these changemakers to make realistic and efficient progress.

Welcome your new 020 board!

For managing director, Antoni Wonka.

Studying Business Analytics at UvA, Antoni wants to continue strengthening both the internal dynamics of the partij but also 020’s external stance an image – similarly to his predecessor, Noor. He shares that: “I want to broaden our reach so that more students are aware of our party and may actively participate. I'm also devoted to effectively representing and disseminating 020's views, which emphasize transcending the traditional left-right political spectrum, establishing common ground, and promoting community problem-solving. Finally, I plan to broaden our influence by developing and advancing relevant policies that address pressing concerns”. A very straightforward plan and initiative will encourage an environment in which the party can showcase its strength and attributes and where members can feel united amongst themselves to make and entice change.

For internal director, Keisha Amalia.

Keisha is a third year psychology student that has been with 020 since August 2022 – the oldest 020 member on this board, after having been the leader of the well-being team for the last year. Her main goal: strengthening 020 sense of community “so that all our members see 020 as a place to develop both professionally and personally”. Alongside her former director, Carly, they have worked closely to foster an environment in which members could grow “because we encouraged each other to innovate and work consistently, while also giving each other a lot of support and guidance”. She states that she “want[s] to create this same culture of teamwork and mutual support throughout departments. A way to do that is by strengthening interdepartmental communication and cohesion… we should utilize this structure maximally by interdepartmental collaboration”.

For external director, Willem van Riel.

Second year Political Science student that has been part of the campaign fundamentals team since October 2022 but participated in two elections – 2022 and 2023. He has grown very fond of the party and shares that “[a]s a party, 020 does not possess greater ideological ambitions concerning the university, but instead simply wants to tackle each student issue on a case-by-case basis, looking for the most effective solution each time”. As a director, he wants to continue the steps that old external director, Agathe, had started during her time in that position. He states that: “I hope to raise awareness for 020 around the university and have as many students as possible share 020’s progressive pragmatic approach to problem-solving. I want students to know that 020 stands out from other parties in its focus on people first and politics second”.

For finance director, Horia Stoicescu.

In his first year of studying Honours Economics and Business Economics, he wants to continue in the footprints of his predecessor, Vlad. He states that he wants “to further expand and promote the merchandise line which the previous board was able to create. This could go hand in hand with new partnerships and sponsorships”. He stresses its importance and sees a lot of hope for bettering the party financially in this upcoming year. Beyond considering the overall year, he also wants to particularly focus on the financial side of the election in order to make next year even better with stating that “budget allocations for the election campaign will be reconsidered, in order to make better use of this”. Being in this position is also a great opportunity to grow oneself for which Horia hopes to expand on his “negotiation skills and explore new management styles”.

For politics director, Romane Castel.

Entering her second year in Political Science, she has been part of 020 for a couple of months and has shown dedication throughout her time as a policy writer. She has persevered and clearly demonstrated her ambition and will to better 020 both as a member and now as a director. Her focus this year is “to make sure our representatives, with the help of the policy writers, are able to make the very best policies for real change at the UvA”. Additionally, for her department, her aim throughout the year will be to make the teams more cohesive and communicate throughout all processes and “for the representatives to get the recognition they deserve for the amazing changes they will help create”. Creating a stronger bond between the party and the councils involved to facilitate change and progress transpire.

For social director, Amalia Moise.

A communication bachelor student that is well rounded with PR and marketing that decided to challenge herself and wanted to learn more. She wants to learn during her time as a director and grow as a member and leader. She will use her role as the social director to continue with activities and events explored by the previous director, Sophie, with borrels and more accessible and inclusive events such as game nights. Amalia wants to focus on mental health and the quality of education. She wants to create events and opportunities to “[foster] a community … mainly for the reason that even though we are a political party, we stand for the students rights and their policies, so we should have a meaningful relationship with them”. Above and beyond, she plans on reinforcing the purpose of these activities for “the sense of community [to] also be fostered externally; thus, for the next academic year, one of my goals is to create transparent, relevant connections with other student political parties at UvA”.

We wish both this new management board and all 020 members good luck for this next academic year.

Agathe Tomaselli

The new management board: Horia (finance), Antoni (managing), Willem (external), Keisha (internal), Romane (politics), and Amalia (social)

The 2022/23 and 2023/24 management board together.

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