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Reviewing 020's Past Electoral Achievements in Anticipation of the Upcoming 2023 Elections

020’s past elections have been heeded with various goals surrounding the party’s pillars. These have culminated in accomplishments that have brought transparency and a holistic understanding of student politics at the UvA. But before we dive into the exciting prospects of the upcoming election, let's take a look at 020's impressive track record.

During 020’s first election of 2020-2021, the elected student council fought for diversity in the curriculum by ensuring that course coordinators collaborated with the diversity office to enforce representation in the mandatory course literature. The party also focused on course evaluation feedback and transparency in its implementation, and concentrated on mental health amid the Covid-19 lockdowns by providing professional support groups.

With this successful electoral performance, the 2022 candidates similarly focused on their goals and actions throughout the year by holding focus groups to learn about deficits in students' necessities. This resulted in the reinitiation of the Period Poverty project and the launch of instructive booklets to help incoming students get acquainted with the University.

Ahead of the student council elections that will be taking place from May 8th to the 12th, this year, 020 has 14 promising candidates running for council who have conveyed several problems and possible solutions they want to address on behalf of the students. From job opportunities to housing crises, from mental health to inclusion and diversity, the candidates are eager to take on the challenges and have exciting ideas on how to do it.

For instance, for the FEB candidacy, we have Alexia Fodor, who is focused on creating more job opportunities for students, Abhijit Raghu aiming to foster a sense of community within the faculty, and Joaquín Beláustegui focusing on the quality of education and housing.

Then for the FMG candidacy, there is Conor Barry focusing on mitigating the housing crisis, Diana Burduja promoting stress relief, Natalie Kotova focusing on mental health, Julia Barikmo focusing on the quality of education and mental health, Serena Song working on inclusion for all students in Dutch lessons, Sonja Huaman focusing on the quality of education and internships, and Kiara Ferreira aiming to improve the quality of education and diversity. For the CSR candidacy, we have Maria (Mash) Zotova focusing on improved accessibility and support for students.

In addition, we have Beris Bajrović who is running for CSR and FEB focusing on the quality of education and mental health, Brody Xin running for CSR, FEB, and FMG focusing on improving the quality of education and promoting equal opportunities, and finally, Ihab Laachir running for CSR, FEB, and FMG focusing on accessibility and inclusion, and education and social life.

Previous election outcomes have demonstrated 020’s consistent paradigm for proactivity in effectuating change. Sustaining this determination, 020 aims to support this year's candidates reach their goals and help lead their projects to improve the UvA and everyone's experience in it.

Article by Asmi Banjara

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